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Fergie's Life

Stacy Ann Ferguson (born March 27, 1975), better known by her stage name Fergie, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, fashion designer and actress. She was a member of the children's television series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid. She is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas with whom she has attained charting success worldwide. Her own debut album spawned four Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, three of which went to number one.

 Having left Wild Orchid in 2001, Ferguson joined The Black Eyed Peas. With The Black Eyed Peas, she enjoyed a series of hits and albums before releasing her debut album, The Dutchess, in September 2006 to similar success. The Black Eyed Peas enjoyed further success with the release of their third album with Ferguson; they attained their first string of Billboard Hot 100 number one songs. As Ferguson's five solo singles and six singles with the Black Eyed Peas have reached two million downloads in the United States, Ferguson is the artist with most two-million sellers as of January 2011.

Ferguson married actor Josh Duhamel in early 2009 after a five year relationship.

Why is She famous

After spending more than five seasons on Kids Incorporated during the '80s, Fergie became part of the all-girl pop trio Wild Orchid. In 2003, she joined the funk band Black Eyed Peas, who then became famous for their collaboration with Justin Timberlake on the song "Where is the Love?" and for their arousing "My Humps." Fergie has since ventured into a successful solo career, with several songs going No. 1 on the charts.
Fergie Quote

 "There’s a song on the album called 'Pedestal,' which is my answer back to people who don’t do anything with their lives but stay on the internet for hours and talk sh*t about me. - Fergie"

In 1984, following a spot in a commercial for Rice Krispies, she appeared in the pilot for the long-running musical television show, Kids Incorporated. The show, which also starred Jennifer Love Hewitt and the girl who would become goth pop princess Martika, was a hit with Saturday morning audiences, and Fergie sang backup on it until 1989.

fergie on kids incorporated

In 1986, Fergie appeared on two TV specials: Kids Incorporated: Chartbusters and Kids Incorporated: Rock In the New Year before leaving the spotlight in 1989 and settled down to live a normal teenager's life.

Music was always her first passion and she teamed up with Stefanie Ridel and fellow Kids Incorporated member Renee Sandstrom to form the band Wild Orchid. In 1999, they had their own Saturday morning show on the FOX Family Channel.

Wild Orchid released its first album, Wild Orchid, in 1997 on RCA and it was followed the next year with Oxygen. The group scored a minor hit when the song "Declaration" was featured in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. In 2001, Wild Orchid was ready to launch a third album, but the label declined to release it. Wild Orchid ceased to exist and it triggered an emotional crisis for Fergie, which led to a crystal meth addiction.

fergie and the black eyed peas

For the next few years, Fergie continued to perform, albeit in obscurity. She became a dance-floor regular, a backup singer at a number of Los Angeles venues and then she met will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

They had a number of meetings after shows and before long, Fergie was invited to join the group in the recording studio. They recorded five songs together and the band invited her to join permanently. It took two years for their third album, Elephunk, to be produced and the arrival of Fergie to make the Black Eyed Peas appreciated in mainstream circles.

fergie releases the dutchess

After two successful BEP albums, Fergie embarked on a solo career. She contributed to the soundtrack of Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates (2004) on the remake of "True" along with will.i.am. While continuing to work on projects with the BEP, she also ventured into creating her first solo album, The Dutchess (2006). Fergie had four hit songs from The Dutchess, including "London Bridge," "Glamorous" and "Big Girls Don't Cry" -- all of which became No. 1 singles.

In 2007, Fergie hit the studios to prepare the release of her 2008 album. She also won Favorite Female Artist at the 2007 American Music Awards. And while The Dutchess continued to storm the airwaves, Fergie appeared in the remake of The Poseidon Adventure (2006) and Grindhouse (2007).

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